AnTara is Tommy Hayes & Matthew Noone.

Tommy plays bodhran, bones, spoons, marimba, bells, mbira, jews harp, silk worm cocoons and goats toe nails.

Matthew plays the 23 stringed North Indian lute called sarode. He also makes loops and drones.

We make music which explores the outer regions of traditional music through original composition and improvisation.

We are in the midst of making our 2nd album.

But we need your help!

We have completed our initial recording with the brilliant Jack Talty from Realach Records.

Now, we need some financial assistance for the final production of the album including mixing, mastering, graphic design and printing.

Here is the link to our campaign:

We used Fund it to make our debut album ‘The Space Between’ We really enjoyed the experience of connecting with our fans and making the album a collective experience. We think the album turned out pretty good too.

Here is what some other people said about it…

“a unique collaboration producing a delightful aural journey that knows no borders and defies categorisation” CARL CORCORAN, RTE LYRIC FM

“beautiful unique and profound music” Celtic Road Radio

We have self funded most of the recording so far and have also been given some support from the Clare Arts Office. However, we still require more funds for the final production of the album This album is a bit more adventurous than our debut and we are spending extra time on post-production. We want this album to look and sound as good as possible.

This funding will cover three days of mixing/ mastering with Jack Talty, graphic design by the legendary Maurice Gunning plus the printing costs of making the CD’s.

We know from experience the difficulties in making an album and have carefully planned and budgeted to successfully complete this project. We have already completed most of the work with our own funds, we just need a little bit of help to get this over the line. We had such a positive experience with the last Fund it campaign, we’re really excited about doing it all again.

Thank you for taking time to read about our project. Check out the fabulous rewards we have on offer. We hope you can support us in anyway possible. Le meas agus grá, Matthew and Tommy