The Space Between

Title : The Space Between
Release Date : 14 October 2015
Catalog ref. : OPP6
Format : Digital Download

The Space Between is AnTara’s debut album.

Track listing

1. The Night Larry got really stretched (jig)
2. I have a house of my own with a chimney built on top of it (slip jig)
3. The Tulla Road/ P. Joe’s (reels) & Raga Durga
4. Junior’s Lament/ Caislean an Oir (hornpipe)/ Heron jig & Raga Asawari
5. Nagrasad (48 beat rhythm cycle) & Anach Cuan
6. 12 and 6 (jig and ektal)
7. The misty covered mountains (march/ jig) & Raga Kafi

Special guest Niamh O’ Brien on harp/vocals.
Recorded by Brendan O’Regan at Sombre Reptile Studios, Kinvara, County Galway.
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Talty, Lissycasey, County Clare.